Technology continues to transform the world. One example is 3D printing. 3D printing has become a mainstay for manufacturing companies large and small across a range of industries. 3D printing allows manufacturers to save time and money without compromising quality. 

In this article, we look at:

  • What is 3D printing
  • The benefits of 3D printing 
  • the capabilities of MPP Corp for 3D printing

Everything you need to know about the benefits of prototype injection molding including how it saves time and money.

What is 3D Printing?

Simply put, 3D printing is additive manufacturing.

 In 3D printing, a 3D design is used to create an object layer-by-layer by adding thin layers of whatever material has been chosen to build the item from. Usually, the material is plastic. But metal can also be used.

3D printing is in contrast to traditional subtractive manufacturing, which starts with a block of base material and then removes surplus material from the block to create the final, finished piece.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Printing?

Because it is affordable and flexible, 3D printing is great for proofs of concept, prototyping, and even low-volume production. 3D printing isn’t the solution to every part production need, but it does have its benefits.

Here are the immediate benefits 3D printing provides:

3D Printing Saves Time

The 3D process is faster than traditional manufacturing methods. Rather than designing, then creating a test mold, then testing the mold and fine-tuning it, then going to production, the 3D process bypasses these stages. With 3D printing, iterations can be done quickly. CAD files can be updated and new prototypes developed in a matter of days, then integrated again and again until they are perfected. For low-volume runs, 3D eliminates all the upfront costs of traditioning part making, thereby reducing per-piece and overall costs.

3D Printing Saves Money

One way 3D printing saves money is on wasted material. Parts are made exactly as they are modeled. There’s no excess. Too, because 3D printing does not need traditional molds and tooling, it saves on those costs. With 3D printing, parts that previously required assembly from multiple pieces can be fabricated as single objects. 3D printing can also be used to fabricate unique objects or replacement pieces where the original parts are no longer produced. Say goodbye to shelves full of hardly-used or ordered parts.

3D Printing Is Ideal for Rapid Prototyping

3D printing is ideal for rapid prototyping. Because it is digital, the 3D digital process allows for on-the-fly design alterations that can be done quickly and efficiently. 3D printing can accelerate the product development process by weeks if not months.

Rapid prototyping and 3D printing work together hand-in-hand for better and faster engineering. By speeding up workflows and removing bottlenecks, 3D printing enables faster time to market, as well as better-tested products.

3D Printing from MPP Corp.

At MPP, we feature an  Ultimaker S5 3D printer. It is a modern, state-of-the-art 3D printer made by one of the leading 3D printing makers in the world.

Features include:

  • Easily prints large parts
  • Composite-ready dual extrusion
  • 330 x 240 x 300 mm build volume
  • Advanced auto bed leveling
  • Compatible with over 200 materials

The S5 uses fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology. FFF is a 3D printing process that uses a continuous filament of a thermoplastic material. Filament is fed from a large spool through a moving, heated printer extruder head, and is deposited on the growing work.

To see the S5 in action, check out this video


Here are just a few examples of 3D prototype parts MPP has produced:

  • Hose connector housings
  • Wire housing clips
  • Fluid reservoirs

Need Affordable, Accurate, Quick-Turnaround 3D Printing?

Ready to use 3D printing for your prototypes or short-run products? Consider MPP.  We give you access to technologies, materials and experience you cannot find elsewhere. Give us a call at 810-364-2939 or Get a Quote Today

See How 3D Printing Can Help You

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