The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. The same holds true for industrial manufacturing. Plastic injection mold making especially. There are many moving parts. Many factors to consider. Many stages of production to test, evaluate and approve. 

For manufacturers who like to shop around for different vendors to do different stages of the process, the question is: Why? 

It’s better to go with one shop that does it all. In this article, we explain why. And why MPP should be your custom injection mold maker of choice.

Everything you need to know about the benefits of prototype injection molding including how it saves time and money.

Custom Injection Mold Design

All good molds begin with a well-engineered design. When selecting an injection mold partner, you want a partner with designers who understand manufacturing, machine controls, metallurgy and plastics and more. This gives them the ability to develop mold designs that you are assured can be made and will produce reliable parts.

At MPP, our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) skills are recognized throughout the industry. We have helped clients save thousands of dollars and hours with our suggestions and recommendations. 

Our custom injection mold design advantages include:

  • All designs based upon industry standards whenever possible
  • Ability to change designs and tune in molds on the fly
  • Top tier skills with our knowledgeable program builders for intricate design needs

Custom Injection Mold Build

Injection mold making is the bread-and-butter of the mold industry. It’s also what separates the best from the also rans. 

At MPP, we have been making custom injection molds for 30 years. Along with experience, we have a reputation for tackling tough assignments and getting them done on-time and on-budget. We are pioneers in the creation of two-shot molds, having developed some of the very first two-shot molds in the industry. We are versatile, too. Our mold makers create custom molds for all kinds of industries — automotive, medical, military/defense, agricultural and others. Our master craftsmen are backed by the latest technology, equipment and training, which we invest in significantly each year.

Our custom injection mold build advantages include:

  • All in house machining and welding
  • In house draft and design to help design your mold
  • Having our own molding facility for mold tryouts

Custom Injection Mold Prototyping

Injection mold prototyping is where ideas meet reality. At MPP, we are leaders in rapid plastic injection mold prototyping. Our expertise in manufacturability and materials allows us to produce prototype molds that will work in the real world.

Prototyping offers many advantages. You receive interactive design for manufacturability feedback to make early adjustments before prototyping begins. You can then work with our design engineers to discuss any design challenges and manufacturing questions that arise. Prototypes are great for low volume runs for any product type.

Our custom injection mold prototyping advantages include:

  • 3D printing capabilities to create a rough physical model for prototype
  • Fast turn around with large machining capacity 
  • Fast turnaround with in house molding tryouts and tuning

Custom Injection Mold Production

Need quality, high-volume, production ready parts? We are your solution. We can produce molds for high volume single-shot, two-shot, shuttle molds and more . Our mold-making and plastics knowledge can be a benefit if you need superior-quality parts. We produce parts for automotive and other applications in our facility, adhering to the same high standards as with all of our work.

Our custom injection mold production advantages include:

  • ISO 9001 production process certified
  • Our own trucks for rapid delivery around the country
  • 30 years of production mold making experience/knowledge 

It Pays to Get Custom Injection Mold Services All in One Place

Custom plastic injection mold making is a complicated process. From start to finish, it requires a unified, dedicated team with experience at all phases of the injection mold process. We have the MPP Corp. If you want a trustworthy partner who knows all phases of injection mold making and plastic part production, give us a call.

Aesthetics and Functionality

Different finishes have different looks. If you want something looking extra clean and smooth - maybe something consumer-facing - you’ll want a glossy, finer finish. If the look of your plastic part isn’t that important, you’ll want a rougher - and thus, cheaper - finish.

A more textured surface can not only be an aesthetic asset, but it can also help hide any lines or blemishes from the molding process. A textured surface might also hold paint better than a glossy one as well as be better for gripping.

The finish used on your plastic part shouldn’t be an afterthought. You’ll want to consider it along with every part of the molding process. But don’t get overwhelmed. Talk with us about what your options are and what will make you happiest with your end product.

Piecemeal your injection mold work

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